We’re literally counting down the days for the upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia. It’s less than a month now before the opening ceremony and all football fans all around the world are so excited for it. However, we are not going to talk about how excited the world’s biggest football tournament is going to be. Instead, we’re going to talk about one of its biggest controversies, the VAR.

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For your information, VAR stands for Video Assistant Referees and it’s probably one of the greatest technologies which are going to be applied in the history of World Cup. Nonetheless, as mentioned above, this technology is still under the debate whether it’s going to be applied or not.

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It has been reported during a meeting in Bogota, Colombia, the council of FIFA was trying to figure out whether they really need to apply the technology during the World Cup 2018 in Russia. To tell you the truth, VAR has actually been unanimously approved by IFAB which plays role as the institution to make law in the field of football world back in March 2018. However, still, since the World Cup belongs to the FIFA as the highest football institution in the scope of global, the decision should be made by FIFA.

What’s VAR Actually?

In case you are not really familiar with what VAR is actually about, well, you can imagine about a set of camera being used to record everything that happens where the ball is being played. Then, the technology is going to be used as the part of the judgment done by the referee whenever something really happens. The purpose is to make it certain that there won’t be any mistake in the decision making done by the referee.



For instance, if there’s a condition where the referee needs to determine a goal or to disallow it. Then, the technology can also be used whether the penalties should be given or not. Red cards, yellow cards, and any other incidents can also be handled more properly in terms of the following decision done by the referee. It is hoped that with the implementation of this technology, football is going to be even more fair and greater.

The Controversy

And by considering such great benefits offered by VAR, the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino is actually one of the quite vocal persons supporting VAR being implemented in World Cup 2018. Infantino spoke up by using the data on the field when the technology was actually being used. And according to Infantino, the result is really great.

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But then again, Infantino can’t make the decision in using the technology on his own because he needs to get the agreement from the council and that’s when the debate happened. Some of the council members are still quite hesitant in using the technology in a grand event as big as World Cup because there are still needed tests to be done. However, there are also some members who support the use of the technology because the level of the World Cup competition should not leave any room for mistake.

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