Finding the right gaming laptop can be rather problematic if what you want is something great but your budget isn’t that big. The latest gaming laptops may be out of your reach by considering your condition. Therefore, why don’t you try looking for the gaming laptops which were popular in 2017? They should be cheaper and the quality should not be that bad, right? So, here’s two great options you may want to get.

  • Lenovo Legion Y520

lenovo legion y520_back

Let’s start the list with the product from Lenovo and you need to know that this product is actually about entry-level gaming laptop. Lenovo Legion Y520 is actually the first part of the Legion series released in the beginning of 2017. And during that moment, this laptop was able to create some kind of uproar due to the its more-than-just-enough specifications to cope with gaming experience. Even up to this point of time, this laptop has been proven to be good enough in handling the recent games. The specifications cover the use of the 7th generation of Intel Core i7 CPU with its i7-7700HQ which is working at 3.8 GHz.



And the screen is also good in supporting gaming experience because it’s made in 15.6 inch and the size is 1920×1080 Full HD. The monitor has also been made with anti-glare feature. The memory is 8GB and it uses Dual-Channel DDR4 RAM but it can be upgraded into 16GB at max. As for the storage, this laptop has provided 256GB PCIe SSD and it’s also possible for you to boost it up to 2TB 5400RPM HDD. What about the graphic card? Well, it uses GeForce GTX 1050 Ti which has come with 4GB of VRAM. With such graphic card, no wonder if this laptop is still quite reliable until now.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Edition 7567

dell inspiron 15 7000 7567_front

Another low-cost-yet-reliable gaming laptop is offered by Dell with its Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series. For the 7567 series, this laptop comes with 15.6 inch monitor at 1920×1080 resolution. The monitor works hand in hand with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB (similar to the previously mentioned laptop). And you need to know that actually there’s an option for you to upgrade the graphic card into GTX 1060 if you want better graphic performance.

dell inspiron 15 7000 7567_back

As for the processor, it relies on the performance of the 7th generation of Intel Quad-core i5-7300HQ. For your information, the performance of this processor can be max at 3.5GHz. Of course, don’t forget to realize that there’s also an option for you to upgrade the processor into i7-7700HQ. Moving to the storage, there’s two kinds of storage system available. The first one is the small 128GB M.2 SSD and the second one is offered by 1TB 5400 RPM HDD.

The use of those two storage systems makes it possible for the users to get better performance from both the high-speed low storage and low-speed high storage. And lastly, for the RAM, it’s provided with 8GB of DDR4 and it’s upgradable into 16GB.

Those two gaming laptops were the ones highly sought by many gamers back in 2017. But, please make no mistake, both of them are still quite sought until now even though they may start getting beaten up by the other latest gaming laptops which is actually quite normal. By considering that those laptops are still quite popular, it’s actually a great achievement for those laptops and you may want to consider getting them especially if you are quite low on budget.

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