For those who don’t know, I’m an avid fan of learning about supplements and minerals that help you live longer. Here’s an article I wrote for my local newspaper. 

Beta Glucan is the refined extract of sacchramyces cerevisia. This is also known most commonly as Baker‘s Yeast. Polyglucose complexes can be isolated and purified from many types of plants including cereal grains, yeasts, mushrooms, and other fungi.

Beta glucans are polysaccharides as well as primary parts in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and algae. They are also important to lichens and plants such as oats and barely.

Beta Glucans are also excreted extra cellularly by fungi that cannot digest and absorb beta glucans. They lack the enzyme beta 1-3 glucanase needed to break them down.

Some benefits of Beta-1,3 Glucan

They may have antibacterial and antiviral effects. Beta Glucans may be anti-parasitic and have anti-tumor effects. They have the ability to promote recovery from sepsis and immune-suppression associated with various diseases or conditions. This includes HIV/AIDS and whole body radiation.

Further information on Beta-1,3 Glucan

Beta glucans are anticarcinogenic and they are also known as biological response modifiers. This means they either restore/enhance cell mediated immune responses. Beta Glucans help in healing wounds after surgery, decreasing inflammation, and accelerates the repair of surgical wounds by stimulated macrophages. They also help with hypocholesterolemia. Blood glucans lower cholesterol by forming a layer adjacent to the intestinal mucosa that prevents high cholesterol.

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Only standardized herbal extracts are used within their Total Balance Product because this where the active ingredients of the herb are found. This gives you the most potent herbs that give you the best health benefiting therapeutic effects.

If concerned about saggy skin and stiff joints slow down your body’s natural aging process by getting more collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements help as we age because our body’s don’t produce as much anymore.

So recently a friend of mine has a kid who was recently dianosed with ADD. Fortunately for my friend, I’m pretty knowledgeable about that, so I put this article together for him.

First of all to understand how the relationship between ADD and fish oil works, we must know what ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is. ADD occurs due to the co-existence of hyperactivity and concentration problems.

This chronic disorder develops in adolescence with 30% to 50% chance of symptoms developing later in adulthood. Research shows that in up to 75% of cases ADD is hereditary. So, it means ADD is a genetic problem.

It should be said that the brains of people suffering from ADD work quickly and they are not able to keep up with the pace of their own brains for the purposes of concentration. ADD and fish oil findings prove that people having low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in their blood have a tendency to suffer from ADD.

Common Treatment

The most common treatment nowadays for ADD is stimulants; however these stimulants while boosting ones attention span and focus also reduce any energetic and spontaneous behaviour. These synthetic drugs, such as Ritalin, always have a price to pay, which in the case of these stimulants is slowed brain development if given to children, mood swings, depression, aggression, insomnia, restlessness etc. Therefore, it has been considered advantageous to spend some time on ADD and fish oil studies.

It is known that 60% of the human brain is made up of fats called DHA which are present in the Omega 3 oil. In ADD patients, neurobehavioral receptors are less, this fat DHA, increases the amount of these receptors.

So, in relation to ADD and fish oil studies one must go for a supplement that has a high level of DHA fat and ensure that the oil taken from the fish comes from a cold water fish such as salmon, hoki or tuna.


We can reduce the chances of in-taking mercury and PCB contaminated supplements by ensuring the source of the oil. Additionally we should take notice of the labels on the packs. Due to the pollutants in the ocean, the fish become carriers of these pollutants such as heavy metals and toxins which are extracted in conjunction with the oil and make them dangerous for consumption. So, only clean and pure oil has been proven to be beneficial from ADD and fish oil studies.

Further studies have shown that 100 children suffering from ADD who were given oil taken from fish in their diet for a period exceeding 6 months. The results of this study were quite amazing as the children were shown to be calmer, attentive and they understood things with greater ease.

No Surprise

This came as no surprise, in that brain functions were enhanced and it also has been seen through ADD and fish oil studies that they can assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Fish is great food for the brain, especially fish with high content of DHA. And where do we find high concentrations of DHA Omega-3? – In fish oil supplements of course!

Are you one of the many taking of the various digestive supplements because of some problems with your digestive system? It’s not surprising that these types of supplements are literally flying off the shelves with so many problems and disorders today, thanks to our bad American dietary habits consisting of very poor quality foods.

Do you remember your mother or grandmother simmering a stock, broth, or gelatin? These are beneficial for our digestive health but require several hours of simmering on the stove and therefor are rarely used as part of our North American diet, which is too bad.

Gelatin, stocks, and broths have been used in many cultures as a healing food for things like colds and flu as well as poor digestive symptoms for centuries. These are very beneficial especially for those suffering from sickness in the intestines because they require no hard digesting process, enabling their nutrients to be absorbed almost instantly, and extremely efficiently, much more so than foods that have been cooked.

Is What You’re Drinking Ruining Your Health?

When trying to better your digestive health, there is more to it than taking such things as vitamin and digestive supplements to increase the nutrients we get from food. Although this can be very beneficial to our health, one thing many forget is about the benefits and health risks with what we drink.

Our modern diet is not sufficient enough in pure, natural water, which is very health and supplies our system with many things it needs. Unfortunately, today sugar-based drinks are aggressively marketed and used by much of our society. Sugar, and artificial sweeteners, which by the way can be even more dangerous than sugar, have been called “”the silent killer”” or “”sweet death””.

These sugary drinks do so much damage to our health that ,along with hydrogenated oils used to prepare much of our processed foods, are considered to be the two things that are mostly responsible for many of our most common health problems today, ranging from obesity to cancer.